All about the hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is a form of tea which is made from the beautiful hibiscus flower. It is a delicious herbal tea that is prepared with the magenta or crimson sepals of the beautiful hibiscus flower!

Hibiscus tea originated in the African continent where it is found in abundance, especially in the West and the East African coast. The hibiscus tea is also the national drink of Senegal where it is consumed as “bissap.” It is also mixed with mint or ginger in the other parts of Africa and is consumed by one and all. Other variations of the hibiscus tea are consumed in The Caribbean Islands, Nigeria, Ghana, Italy, Thailand, Panama, Malaysia as well as in Mexico.

Even though it is relatively unknown and not consumed by a lot of people in America or Europe, it has started displaying a great market in the above mentioned regions as well. With the world getting more obsessed with fitness and well being, hibiscus tea can be the future of health beverages, chiefly because of its innumerable health benefits. Hibiscus tea is not only an aesthetically pleasing tea but its health benefits make it a great option for fitness freaks!

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