Hibiscus is a beautiful flower which is not only good to look at but is also very versatile and has several uses and benefits. You already know how useful the flower is as hibiscus tea, however, something that is unknown to a lot of you is the fact hibiscus can make him jams as well which are also stuffed with health benefits!

There are quite a few species of hibiscus but the one that is the most efficient in making that yum hibiscus jam is the dark red coloured hibiscus which is available in abundance throughout the world. This particular flower has a certain tart to it but is also delectable and delicious which really makes it a great option for being used in a jam.

This jam not only tastes great but also has quite a few health benefits. The way it is made is simple too. This amazing jam can be prepared with these beautiful, big hibiscus flowers and along with them you add a bit of honey, some salt, a bit of organic sugar (made from palm) and then spread this happiness on a slice of bread and enjoy it’s goodness and palatable taste!

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